Amphitrite the Bubbly

Amphitrite is the goddessgirl of the sea, and she will be playing a big role in her upcoming book Amphitrite The Bubbly later on in the series. It is likely that she is to be the crush of Poseidon.


Amphitrite is friendly to other students and wants to explore more about the land.  


Amphitrite has flowing turquoise hair with several lighter turquoise streaks in it and is adorned with various pink, light purple and orange shells with yellow pearls. And, her tail color is gold which matches her tunic when she turns into a human.


  • Poseidon's character will be opened up more in the book.
  • Unlike where the plot is mostly set at Mount Olympus Academy, it is likely that Amphitrite goes to a newly-revealed school named Mediterranean Undersea Middle school(MUMs).
  • New characters such as Thetis will make their book reveal.
  • As a mermaid, she is the first semi-immortal to appear as a main character.