Calliope is a major supporting character in the Goddess Girls (Series),and is the youngest of the nine muses she was introduce in Calliope The Muse. When an Architect-ology project comes up,Calliope is having a hard time deciding what idea she should choose,on top of that she needed to find a worthy roomate.She (formerly) had a crush on Homer the Author who wroted The Odyssey.Calliope is friends with Amphitrite,Aphrodite,Medusa and Artemis.In Calliope The Muse,She tries her best to help out Homer with his Signings and being an author,but then she realize that Homer was selfish and only cares about his books and himself.


Full Name : Calliope Gender:Female Resides in:MOA Occupation:Student,Architure School: Mount Olympus Academy Family The Nine Muses ------------------------------------ Romances: Homer (formerly) ------------------------------------ Friends Zeus Hera Amphitrite Artemis Aphrodite Medusa