Demeter is Persephone's mother, and watches over her everytime she goes out. She cares a lot about Persephone, but her overbearing nature covers that up. She was very mad at her when Persephone's friends confessed to her that her daughter hangs around with Hades, but seems to accept him in the end. She is weary of people who she doesn't know well getting close to Persephone, and will remain suspicious for a long time thereafter, even if Persephone swears that they're good people.


Demeter is extremely overprotective. Although she watches over Persephone very digilantly, she also has her own job to take care of in the Immortal Marketplace, as a florist. At first thinking that Hades is a bad influence for Persephone and that he has not made the best first impression towards her, she still allows her to talk with him, since he's not a stranger anymore. 


  • She is very overprotective.
  • She warns Persephone everyday not to talk to strangers.
  • Demeter owns a store in the Immortal Marketplace.
  • Demeter is a florist.