Epimethius Big
Siblings: Prometheus
Friends: Pandora
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Crush: Pandora

Epimethius is a titan. He came to MOA as a transfer student, carrying along Zeus' box of troubles. Pandora was very curious and that's how they became friends. 


He has black hair and blue eyes, and is seen wearing a green toga on the cover of Pandora the Curious.


Epimetheus is kind and compassionate, but can come off as blunt and judgmental at times. He is calm in most situations, and tries to look at  the small details in the big picture. He was one of the first to accept Pandora for the way she was, showing that he doesn't really care what's on the outside, but rather how a person is on the inside. He loves animals, and is very gentle with them. He always tries to be helpful and to find a solution to other people's problems.


  • He is a titan.
  • He loves animals.
  • He and Pandora like each other.
  • He is the owner of Zeus' box of troubles. 
  • His name means "afterthinker", as opposed to his brother Prometheus's name, which means "fore-thinker".


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