Euryale is the second-eldest out of the three gorgon sisters, and the twin of Stheno. Like Stheno, she does not show and care of Medusa. Euryale seems more of a sidekick to Stheno, since they look alike and Stheno was born first. However, Euryale's personality is quite different - in the myth, Medusa died. Euryale is the one who shows mercy and still shows that towards others in the series. 


Described as the kindest gorgon out of the three, also the dumbest. Her personality is somewhat developed, despite the fact that Euryale appears to be the bystander and accomplice by Stheno, unlike her two other sisters.  


Euryale looks like Stheno, however, she is slightly shorter.  


  • Euryale is the kindest and must stupid out of the three.