This article is about the term and groupings. For the series, see Goddess Girls (Series)

The phrase/term "Goddess Girls" is used when it describes school friendship groups of the goddessgirls. Also, a group of best friends could be called "Goddess Girls" as well. It is commonly used to describe Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis, and Persephone. Other examples of Goddess Girls groups are at a wide range.

Goddess Girls

Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis and Persephone - Here are the most popular goddessgirls at MOA, and they are the main characters in the series. Like all the Goddess Girls groups, they have their own individual special properties, with Athena being the smart one, Aphrodite effortlessly beautiful, Artemis the bold and brave, and Persephone the mysterious and kind one. They all support each other when upset, and they enjoy helping their friends as well. Each one of the students try their best to get good grades, but Athena is also seen as a teacher's pet (unintentionally). Artemis also shares a close bond with her twin, Apollo, and Athena a growing friendship with Heracles. Persephone also enjoys Hades' company, but Aphrodite is still trying to summon up the courage to hang out with Ares, whom she has an awkward on-and-off crush on.

Medusa, Pheme, Pandora - Here are the most unpopular students at MOA, with two of them being mortals. Medusa is known to be the queen of mean, Pheme to be the everyday nosy gossip girl, and Pandora being the redundant questioner. Occasionally, they bond with the students, but they are simply misunderstood students. Like most of the other students, they have kind attitudes at heart, and they have a soft spot for their crushes. Despite this, Medusa and Pandora were crushing on the same guy, Poseidon, but the two soon lost interest in him right after he shed his boastful self. The three are mostly seen sitting on the "unpopular girls" table.

Iris, Antheia - Here are the well-known goddessgirls at MOA. Most of the time, Iris can be seen chatting with other people besides her BFF Antheia, but the whereabouts of Antheia are mostly unknown and who her allies are. The two goddessgirls also are on good terms with Zephyrus, the second godboy who is involved in a close friendship with goddessgirls, the first being Apollo. Putting that aside, Iris is known to be the social and optimistic one, with Antheia being the supportive and good-natured one.

Cassandra, Ariadne - Despite not being immortal like the Goddess Girls groups are meant to be, the two share a close bond and they help each other out. Cassandra being the (formerly accusatory) giving and selfless one, with Ariadne being the creative one.