As part of the Goddess Girls (Series), the goddessgirls are meant to use a large amount of lexicon that is Greek-related. These phrases will continue to grow as long as the series keeps on going, and also for the characters. 


  • Caught wind - Caught eye (Iris The Colorful blurb, Zephyr reference)
  • Diaryscroll - Diary (Pheme The Gossip blurb)
  • Goddessgirl - Goddess who is currently a girl (regularly used)
  • Godboy - God who is currently a boy (regularly used)
  • Rainbow of colorful experiences - Experienced many things (Iris The Colorful blurb, Iris reference)
  • Scroll - Book (regularly used)
  • Scrollazine - Magazine (regularly used)
  • Teen Scrollazine - Teen Magazine (regularly used)
  • Textscroll - Textbook (regularly used)
  • Ye Gods - Oh my god (regularly used)
  • Pink! - Cool! (Eos the Lighthearted blurb, Eos reference)

School SubjectsEdit

  • Revenge-ology
  • Magic-ology
  • Beauty-ology
  • Beast-ology
  • Hero-ology
  • Science-ology
  • Architecture-ology