Friends: Persephone
Enemies: Ares (Before)
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Crush: Persephone
Relationships: Persephone
God Of: Underworld

Hades is the godboy of the Underworld. Despite being an outsider that gets isolated, Hades is much nicer than some of the other godboys at MOA, especially to Persephone, his crush. Persephone is just like him, and they both understand each other, unlike any of their friends do. Others thought that Hades is a bad boy but he is definitely a kinder one than expected. Godboys around the school enjoyed picking on him.

-\ .


Hades used to be a gloomy outsider, spending a lot of time in the Underworld and not having many friends (though this was also partially due to Pheme spreading a rumor about him always being in Zeus' office).

However, after meeting Persephone and getting to know her, he comes out of his shell. Hades is still a bit moody sometimes, but is usually seen smiling, especially if Persephone is around. He sometimes substitutes for Poseidon as drummer for the band Heaven's Above. Hades is very strict about complying to the rules of the Underworld, and sometimes puts his priorities before anything else. He is very sweet to Persephone, and will do practically anything to keep her happy. 


Hades has charcoal-black hair with curls that sometimes hide his pale white face, and black eyes with long eyelashes. He usually wears a blue toga with a cape that has a purple inside that is clipped together with a skull and black leggings that go down to his ankles.

Powers and Abilities

  • Hades, unlike Persephone, can kill flowers whenever he walks near them. 
  • Hades has utter control over the Underworld.


  • Hades has a crush on Persephone.
  • He sometimes has lunch with principal Zeus.
  • In the MOA yearbook, he is voted as the most fascinating.
  • In Persephone The Phony, he is seen on the cover next to Persephone with a wilted flower in his hand, showing his crush on her.


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