Friends: Zeus
Iris (confirmed)
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Black and Blonde
Relationships: Zeus

Hera is the stepmother of Athena and second wife of Zeus. She replaced Metis after she ran off with her fly friends. She is appreciated, loved, and known by the MOA student body. She and Zeus' relationship started in "Medusa The Mean" and will play a big role in "Iris The Colorful."


Hera has long, curly blonde hair and has a slim frame. Her chiton is lavendar as well as her headband. She is described as having a no-nonsense look in her blue eyes, and she wears a sparkly golden necklace. She first appears in "Aphrodite the Diva" when Aphrodite tries to pair Hera and Zeus together. 


Hera is sweet, kind and gentle, though strict when she has to be. She is very calm and always maintains composure. She is a great stepmother to Athena and is a very likeable person. Hera also own a shop called Hera's Happy Endings where she sells wedding materials. The shop is located in the Immortal Marketplace


  • She owns a store called Hera's Happy Ending's in the Immortal Marketplace.
  • She is Athena's stepmom.
  • The all-girls Olympics were named after her.
  • She was an important factor to it's creation (The Heraen Games).
  • She is the second wife to Zeus.
  • It is confirmed that she will be involved in Iris the Colorful. 


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