The Immortal Marketplace is the one location in Mount Olympus where goddessgirls, godboys, goddesses, and gods sell food and regular Olympian items. Mortals are allowed to shop there but it would be rare for them to have their own shop. Occassionally, the Immortal Marketplace can plant scams anywhere. As seen in Medusa The Mean, they cheat Medusa's drachmas off her as they sell a fake immortality necklace. Although, the major goddesses in the myth such as Hera and Demeter own a shop. Hera's Happy Endings is Hera's shop, and Demeter is a florist there, and a three-eyed immortal, Cleo, owns her own cosmetics shop. 


The Immortal Marketplace is an extremely large shop, and if transformed into more modern, it would be just like a mall or supermarket. Athena and her friends are usually there buying chitons. In one book, Aphrodite found a sign there to adopt a kitten, also known as Adonis. The Immortal Marketplace in the series is a big gathering place, as in Cassandra The Lucky, they host a fair there and plant a large merry-go-round with elected candidates which are goddessesgirls' or godboys' represented animal. 

There are also houses nearby the Immortal Marketplace. Cassandra resides nearby the Marketplace, with her mother's Oracle O' Cookies shop under a single roof where she and her family sleep upstairs. There is also a bakery in her house.