Mom: Ceto
Dad: Phorcys
Siblings: Stheno and Euryale
Friends: Pheme
Athena (sometimes)
Enemies: Athena (Formerly/sometimes)
Everyone (at some point)
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Snakes (Green)
Crush: Poseidon (formerly)

Medusa is one of the main characters in the Goddess Girls (Series), and the main antagonist in most of the books. Medusa is a mortal. Though she is seen as mean, she is actually merciful in some cases, and she is actually nice enough to save people from drowning, and sticking up for them. She makes her book debut in "Athena The Brain" and major roles in her book "Medusa The Mean" and her upcoming one "Medusa The Rich".

Early Life

Medusa lived with her parents and her two sisters, who were older then her by 'a few measly minutes'. Kids were always mean to Medusa, calling her "Gorgonzola", which is a kind of stinky green cheese. Medusa's bedroom is a closet that has no windows, and requires Medusa to use a candle if she wants to see anything in it. She sneaked into MOA saying that she was a goddess girl just like her two sisters. The book "Medusa The Mean" mentions how she is treated unfairly by her parents, who favor her two sisters, Stheno and Euryale, since they are immortal.


Medusa has light green skin, close to the color of spring leaves and pale green eyes. She used to have dark green/black hair, before she used Athena's invention, Snakypoo, which caused her hair to turn into twelve deep green snakes. She has green nails and usually wears purple clothes, for example, on the cover of the Book Medusa the Mean, she wears a purple chiton.


Medusa can be very mean, but also nice, and thoughtful around some people. She is easily jealous of the other goddessgirls, thinking she's inferior to them because she's a mortal. After seeing The Gray Ladies with Athena, the two girls became better friends. She was doing her best, but found it hard to be kind to her kindergarten buddie, Andromeda, but the two also eventually became good friends.

Medusa used to have a supercrush on Poseidon, before she realized how shallow and self-centered he was. She used to collect every piece of Poseidon-related things, on a bulletin board she hides from her roommates, she adds the newest piece of Poseidon to her collection, with a large picture of him in the middle. Medusa used to collect his strand of hair, and other pictures of him. She presently likes Dionysus, who stars in every school play.

Powers and Abilities

  • Medusa can turn any mortal that looks at her to solid stone. With one glance she can petrify all living creatures except immortals. Only mortals can be effected by her gaze. As she is mortal, if Medusa looks at her reflection, she will be turned stone as well.
  • As the daughter of a sea monster and a sea hog, she is an excellent swimmer.


  • She in mortal, unlike her immortal sisters. 
  • Her parents look down at her because she is a mortal. 


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