Friends: Artemis (formerly)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond

Orion is the famous mortal actor that transferred to Mount Olympus Academy for a short period of time, and is shown on the front cover of Artemis the Brave, the figure standing next to the blushing Artemis. He's very good at acting, able to memorize every single one of his lines in an entire play, along with those of the other actors.


An ego-centric busybody, Orion always tries to make room for himself, and he believes that he is better than everyone, despite him being a mere mortal. He tricked Artemis that he was immortal by putting on a spray called "GodBod". He thinks that everyone loves him and will accept his way of working. He will abandon a certain play without a moment's notice if he thinks if there's a greater opportunity elsewhere, then return at the last minute and expect everything to go down smoothly, showing how self-centered he is.


Though he looks charming with his golden hair and his signature look, he isn't a boy who's attitude matches his looks. He wears a light blue toga.


  • He was Artemis's first crush. 
  • He left Mount Olympus when he was asked to play in a theatre down on Earth, abandonning the play that the school had spent weeks preparing. 
  • Dionysus replaced his spot in the play.
  • His old school's name resembles the words "I'm a loser".