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Friends: Eurydice
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Relationships: Eurydice

Orpheus is the classy mortal rock god who is adored across Mount Olympus mainly by the girls and goddessgirls. However, the godboys find him very typical and too perfect. They do not take any interest in him. 


Orpheus is used to the attention the girl fans give him, and he cares dearly for Eurydice, and was devastated when she was stuck in the Underworld. He is respectful and fun towards his fans, making the encounter with him more entertaining. He has a lot of male fans as well, such as the members of Heavens Above. 


Orpheus has spiky brown hair, and he wears a blue-green cape that is held by a star button. He carries his magic harp around, and he has blue eyes, a black band, blue beads and a light blue chiton with gold lining. He also wears shoelaced sandals that are colored blue-green and yellow.


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