Pheme The Gossip
Vital statistics
Author Joan Holub
Suzanne Williams
Illustrator Unknown
Published on Unknown
Published by Aladin
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Pandora The Curious Persephone The Daring

Pheme, the goddess girl of gossip loves to share gossip it's what she's meant to do! But not everyone is pleased with this "gossip girl" including the goddess girls. So she has to stop spreading rumor for one full day and a spell is on her to keep her from doing that! But when a mysterious intruder embarks on Mount Olympus, Pheme has to tell the others! Can she break her vow of silence to save the world?

Book BlurbEdit

☀As the goddess girl of rumor and gossip, Pheme prides herself on being "in the know" and having the most up-to-date info on anyone and everyone at Mount Olympus Academy. To make sure that people really get her VIP messages, her words tend to linger in cloud letters above her head -- just in case people don't catch what she says. That's why they call she the goddess of gossip!