Queen Hecuba is the Queen of Troy, the wife of King Priam, and the mother of CassandraHelenus, and Laodice. She does not believe in Cassandra's silly superstitions, unlike she does to her twin brother, Helenus, but she does accept Cassandra's idea on making her Oracle O' Cookies O'pposite Oracle O' Cookies. 


Queen Hecuba is the loving mother and the type who would play favorites. She loves compliments, especially from Helenus' fortunes which are always compliments, so it is likely that Helenus could be her favorite. She does believe that Cassandra is a liar to get attention, but still loves her either way, as Cassandra is helpful enough to help with her cookie shop, Oracle O' Cookies. 


  • Queen Hecuba makes her book debut.
  • She owns her own Cookie shop.