Stheno is the oldest out of the three gorgon sisters, and she is known as the meanest one. If noticed, Stheno is the one who usually comes up with the insults towards others and Medusa


Stheno is the meanest gorgon sister, meaning that she hates nearly everything besides her other twin, Euryale since she is immortal as well. However, Stheno is seen as a somewhat shallow immortal, such as when Medusa told them that she had immortal powers (due to her "immortality" necklace). Stheno and Euryale got somewhat interested in Medusa again. 


Unlike Medusa, like Euryale, Stheno looks normal. Since she is quite proud of her appearance, she teased Medusa of her curse. 


  • She is the meanest out of the three.
  • In the myth, she didn't care when Medusa died.