The Teen Scrollazine magazine is a Greek magazine company that interests most goddessgirls, including the latest gossips of the latest Greek pop stars, such as Orpheus. The Teen Scrollazine is meant for Teen Goddesses, such as the goddessgirls' age which it is based on. In Pheme The Gossip, Pheme gets a new place in the reporting department, for the magazine. In the books, there has been no cameos of this on the cover of any of the books so far. 


Teen Scrollazine is in fact occassionally hosting meetings between the reporters and the rest of any such reporter that is not working for the Teen Scrollazine to discuss ideas to improve their companies. 


  • The news in the Teen Scrollazine isn't necessarily "informal girl things", instead things can involve political things.
  • This magazine can also include mortals on the front cover, such as Odysseus and his family.