Theseus is Heracles' cousin. He is not a student at MOA but he only was allowed to stay there for a few days. As described, Theseus has dreadlocks and carries his father's sword everywhere with him, unlike Heracles and his club anymore. He gets invited by Heracules to King Minos' grand opening of the aMAZEment Park, but he says that he will not allow weapons of any sort or pets on the trip. He brings his sword anyway and gets trapped in the maze like the other students and tries to prove himself a hero. Throughout the book, he and Heracles spend a lot of time together, so Athena gets jealous. 


Theseus doesn't normally think before he fights, and he likes disobeying the rules just to bring his weapon with him. That shows that he really likes weapons and enjoys showing them off. Along the trip, he regularly asks Heracles about his 12 labors, and admires him greatly that he wants to be a hero just like him. 


Athena - Although Athena and Theseus have not been getting along well with each other recently, they get along well in the end and make a good fighting team against the mechanical, yet realistic minotaur which Theseus believes he has slain himself.

Ariadne - Ariadne has had a crush on Theseus from the start of the book, describing him as cute. Although, Ariadne did almost anything for Theseus, even sneaking on board Hermes' dragon chariot to stay with Theseus, although gets sent back by her friends and Cassandra.

Heracles - Heracles and Theseus are cousins and Theseus admires Heracles' 12 labors done and Heracles' heroic personality. Theseus wishes to be like him as well. 


  • He and Ariadne like each other. 
  • He and Heracles are cousins.