Zephyrus Big
Friends: Iris
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Crush: Iris
God Of: the West wind

Zephyrus is the godboy of the west wind and a main character in Iris The Colorful. Despite being extremely busy all the time, Zephyrus appeared to be paying close attention to Iris, being the first wind brother to know of her sisters she tries to keep a secret, the Harpies. The two also appear to have a lot in common. Although he was a student for a short period of time only, he revealed that he and the other wind brothers will soon return. 


Zephyrus' appearance is quite typical and is based on a jock hairstyle. Like Ares, he is strong. He wears a baby blue toga and has baby blue wings, while Iris has pink wings depending on her emotions. He wears darker blue sandals and two silvery-blue wristcuffs. 


Zephyrus is a sporty, athletic and kind person to have around. He shows that he is a selfless person who has strong opinions, however if he wishes to upstage an overshadowing brother, Boreas in particular, he has a tendency to act boastful to Iris' dismay. 


  • He has a crush on Iris. 
  • In the books, he is known as "Zephyr". 
  • Zephyrus tends to flick his hair out of his eyes.


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